FACTS provides solutions that elevate the K-12 experience for
school administrators, teachers, and families.

The FACTS platform has the Student Information System (SIS) portion and the Learning Management System (LMS) portion.

Parents do not have access to the LMS, only students and teachers. This is where assignments and quizzes are posted.

FACTS ( LMS) allows administrators and teachers the ability to manage students home work, assignments and quizzes. FACTS (SIS) allows parents keep up to date on students progress during the academic year.

You can signup for FACTS for parents or students by following the instructions below.

1. Click the FACTS Sign Up link below this article or on the main page.

2. If you have an account, click LOG IN. If not, click SING UP. 

3. Fill in the boxes with the appropriate information. 

4. Select I Am A Parent if are a parent or I Am A Student if you are a student. 

5. Click submit. 

An email will be sent to Bahamas Academy Support and you will receive an email with your FACT credentials and further instructions, along with links to tutorials on the FACTS platform.

When students sign up for the FACTS (SIS) the same credentials will used for their FACTS (LMS).

You can contact Bahamas Academy Support at 461-2107 or support@bahahamasacademy.org