Under the theme “Book Your Trip—Adventure Awaits”, the Literacy Committee of Bahamas Academy has an exciting array of activities planned for the month of January.

Each year in the month of January, activities are usually planned at the school to emphasize how important it is for our students to be able to read well, understand what they read, expand their vocabularies as they speak and write, and to develop a greater appreciation for various types of reading genres.

This year’s Literacy Month has gotten off to an exciting start as students listen each morning to a Bible story read by a guest during their worship time. The readers make the stories come alive as they creatively use their story-telling skills to capture the attention of each child, whether they are in Grade 2 or Grade 12.

During the final week of the month, January 25-29, the students will display their creative talents as they participate in taking us around the world—through stories, written articles, power point presentations, and video presentations. We want every student to book their trip today so they can participate in the adventures that await them!